Whether you need to control workforce costs, recruit for hard to fill temporary positions or hire a large workforce for peak demand, EOC personnel solutions delivers the people you need, when you need them.


Recruiting for your needs

EOC has a creative and diversified recruiting strategy to find the talent needed. EOC maintains a large pool of skilled individuals in a wide variety of industries and works to build an in depth understanding of the Clients objectives to effectively matching candidates to client needs.

Partnering for success

EOC works closely with your company to ensure our personnel solutions support your goals. EOC's top performers are always looking for their next opportunity to contribute to the bottom line.

Excellent client service

EOC has personalized hiring options to maximize your workforce demand. EOC provides state-of-the-art timekeeping, quality control, invoicing and reporting to ensure you the quality and timely information you deserve.

Employer of Record

EOC is the employer of record and pays all state and federal withholding and payroll taxes. Employees are covered under EOC’s worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies.